Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Yipee Lucky Winner!!

For the first time in my life, I became the lucky winner of a blog challenge. I am so happy!!
From childhood, I always used to think 'Hope I get that prize' like others do..
and as expected, lucky winner will be someone who is always lucky.. :(
I used to think that I can never be lucky when it comes these lucky draws/challenges.

But I was proved wrong last month because finally after these many years, Mr.Luck did pass by my side as well.Yay!!!!
Yes, I became the lucky winner of a blog challenge and I got the prize for which I desperately waiting for!!!
More details check in my craft blog
So dear friends dont loose heart, Mr.Luck remembers everyone.Its just that your number is yet to come...

Thanks for dropping by!!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Blog log - sidebar Image clickable link

As I recently started blogging,I am in the process of adding new things to my blog.
Last week, one of my favourite blogger had posted as a give away on her blog. I deseperately wanted to link that Give away on my blog's side bar. I didnt know how to add it. After relentless searching in internet, I found the solution.
For the first time, I added the side bar and linked the image.
I was so happy to see my blog with new sidebar and the give away image which when clicked goes to my friend's blog.
So here are the steps to be followed
(1)Go to Blogger dashboard

(2)Click on your blog name
(3)In the Overview page--> Click on Layout
(4)Add a gadget-->HTML/JavaScript
(5)Add the title--> In description add the below steps

This is a simple piece of code that makes any image, button or badge an active link.
<img src="URL OF IMAGE"></a>
Here I am trying to link my other blog Crispy Crafts on my sidebar.

This is an example of how to put my crafts blog
<a href="" >
<img src="" height="200" width="200">
Please adjust the side(height and width based on the size of ur sidebar). Please preview before you publish.
You see the link to my crafts blog on the side bar.
Hope this will help the new bloggers.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rose Rose Rose

From long time, I wanted to make origami rose.. ofcourse the famous Kawasaki rose. Tried many times but got confused once I was halfway through. But due to this zing of blogging, finally I made it… This blogger is helping me to do things which I wanted to do but never did for some reason. The problem is my choice is always eclectic because I always end up searching searching N number of tutorials and get confused which one to start with. Huh
But I must say, because of this blogging.. I thought why not I do it and post it ASAP.
So this is the Standard rose which I made for the first time. you can get the tutorial

 I had few dried stems of roses. So I made the first artificial rose

This is the first flower vase made by me. I painted Vodka bottle ;) and changed it into a flower vase.

I wanted to do the Kawasaki rose. Finally here it is
I got the TUTORIAL which is very clear.. Only thing is you need patience to make. But it was fun making it. 

Planning to make more. Fingers crossed!!!! Hope I don’t fizzle out to make more.

Please bear with my photography skills. Sorry I am not good at it.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


For the first time in my life, I had gone through an operation. It was on 7th April,2012, morning 7.50am, I stepped into operation theatre.. I mean they took me( even though I was able to walk, they made me sit in a wheel chair), put one hair cap on my head, covered me with some green cloth and took me into operation theatre.
I had a lump in my body which was bothering my family  ofcourse myself and my husband as well.
Finally we have decided to get it removed and I got operated. Today for the first time after 29years, I had stitches on my body…

But I thank God as it was for my own good… Of course it did make my mom happy, my family happy and  ofcourse some weight had gone out of my body as well ;)

Article abt me!!

It was on 4th April,2012, in our Company internal magazine, an article about my  hobbies was pulished… You know, this is first time in my life, I am reading something about myself in a magazine…. Woooh! I must say, if my hubby has not pushed me to do some creative things, this would not have happened.. but it’s a wonderful feeling.
You can see the snapshot of my article in the e-magazine.
Now I almost obsessed with paper crafts!!!

Few First time creations

This is my first Origami Kusudama which I made getting inspired by Tomoko fuse Origami Kusudama.In 2009, before my marriage, I was bored sitting at Hostel, just watching TV all the time in weekends. Started checking out for some paper crafts and found a tutorial for origami kusudama and made one for myself.

 Though it looks old but still its my first kusudama

This is my first handmade photo frame which I made. I saw a handmade photo frame at one of my colleague’s desk. I was desperate to make it myself. I tried for instructions in internet but couldn’t find much … but somehow managed to make one with some assumptions….. Finally managed to make one..
My first handmade photo frame.. I love it a lot.

So I put one of my favorite photo in this frame. Me with my husband ;-)

My hobbies New Face

It was on 31st March,2012 there was a spring carnival at my apartment.
I am obsessed with crafts,handmade products. Myself and my friend Kavya had put up a stall for the first time in my life..
I was selling my products, my creations for the first time… wow.. amazing feeling..
You know what… we got our creations named ‘PURPLERED’ creations… and we got it printed on cards.. it was so exciting..some kind of feeling which cannot be expressed I must say..hehe.. it just brings one big smile on my face..
You can check out some pics here
Our business card
our stall at carnival

It was an exciting evening!!!