Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Blog log - sidebar Image clickable link

As I recently started blogging,I am in the process of adding new things to my blog.
Last week, one of my favourite blogger had posted as a give away on her blog. I deseperately wanted to link that Give away on my blog's side bar. I didnt know how to add it. After relentless searching in internet, I found the solution.
For the first time, I added the side bar and linked the image.
I was so happy to see my blog with new sidebar and the give away image which when clicked goes to my friend's blog.
So here are the steps to be followed
(1)Go to Blogger dashboard

(2)Click on your blog name
(3)In the Overview page--> Click on Layout
(4)Add a gadget-->HTML/JavaScript
(5)Add the title--> In description add the below steps

This is a simple piece of code that makes any image, button or badge an active link.
<img src="URL OF IMAGE"></a>
Here I am trying to link my other blog Crispy Crafts on my sidebar.

This is an example of how to put my crafts blog
<a href="http://crispycraft.blogspot.in/" >
<img src="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Qg-2z33ntvg/T5kyYZHRt8I/AAAAAAAABec/sgz0-C-juJg/s1600/DSC_0079.jpg" height="200" width="200">
Please adjust the side(height and width based on the size of ur sidebar). Please preview before you publish.
You see the link to my crafts blog on the side bar.
Hope this will help the new bloggers.

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  1. thank you! you helped my blog a lot!


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